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Lars likes to talk and to share. Images, and the stories that live behind them. He has a reputation for his openness about getting a shot. As a working conservationist, he has a keen knowledge of the world of nature conservation. Clients include Nikon, Zoom.nl, and conservation organisations.

The topics presented below are very popular, but if you like, we can accomodate most requests. Lars is both comfortable with small groups or large venues and speaks in English or Dutch, according to your needs.

Fees depend on venue and audience size, travel and the nature of your organisation. Please get in touch to get a free quote tailored to your needs and situation.

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Irish Islands

Islands cast a spell on you, or so they do with Lars. During 8 trips to Ireland, he visited, and camped on, remote islands around the Emerald Isle. Thunderous atlantic storms on day one, waking up to the cacophony of sound of seabirds the next day.

The plight of the black grouse

The plight of the Black Grouse in Western-Europe and conservationists' attempts to save populations from extinction.

Malta: migration hotspot and killing fields

The Mediterranean island of Malta is famous for many wonderful things in life, but has a dark side you probably didn't know about. Every year tens of thousands of migrating birds navigate over the Maltese archipelago, many do not live to tell.